Enjoy life more - with "Pure Emotions"

Wahre Freude entdecken
Discovering true joy

Learn to enjoy your emotions - instead of going through the motions


Improve your life, starting with your emotions.

 Our free audiobook gives you new perspectives on emotional developement.
It is a dive into your Self.


These are some of the things you will discover there:

1) A practical path to develop towards emotional maturity.

2) To identify your stuck states, and how to get out of them.

3) See where you may be blocking yourself in your personal development.

4) Understand how emotional sobriety may serve you better than intensity.


What you are also likely to learn:

a) To deal with your and others emotions better.

b) To become a better friend, parent or colleague.

c) To deal better with difficult situations.

d) To take wiser decisions.


And most importantly, to live a happier life.



Should you be aiming for great change,
then start with the one you can change - yourself


Here you find our audiobook in English - for free.


Here it is in German - also for free.

Who we are

Authentic Consulting is a Start-Up that goes live in autumn 2018.

Authentic Consulting was designed as an international platform for people with a wider view on life. 




Die Gründungsmitglieder
The founding members


Our work is alive, dynamic and involves the heart. It moves us and our community from within, and likewise it is likely to move you from within. 


The reason this happens, is that we all long for this, and time is ripe for it to take place. We want to be moved. We want to experience the difference between fun and joy, and to find fulfilment and meaning in our daily work.


People who chose to work with us claim it feels right, and it lets them flourish and thrive.

This work has already spread to many countries around the world. It is based on principles beyond philosophy and belief.


What we are doing

We started out to redefine some of the lost arts in business like motivation, emotional maturity and teamwork.

However, we noticed that many private persons appreciate our concept, because it provides an open approach to some of lifes key issues.


Therefore we decided to share our work with all. There are no hidden contracts or costs.


We provide an opportunity to give a donation on our page for downloads.


Achieve better results with ease and joy. For this to happen we believe it is NOT neccessary to re-model your entire life.


We just help you to add a few missing pieces here and there.

The lost arts in life - emotions, teams and motivation.
The lost arts in life - emotions, teams and motivation.



Our contemplative and minimalistic approach generates a gentle drive, born from within.

Inspiring work, that we can not keep for ourselves.

We share our understandings, for free, as far as possible. What we may charge is the implementation of these understandings, especially if you wish individual assistance or advice. However this is entirely up to you to decide. We do not promote subscriptions, nor do we have hidden agendas. Those who decide to promote this work should do so because they have profited from it.


Intercultural variations are the inspiration of this work. National borders fade and different nationalities give our work colour and credibility. Credibility, because this heart based work has the potential to overcome all these limiting factors. Our work is truly international and intercultural, for many large corporations to be inspired.


Our next project is about motivation

We have seen that our concept on emotions really helps people out there. Now it is time to take a look at how we deal with motivation. How we motivate ourselves. What usually goes wrong with motivation.


As usual we give easy to use advice, and a lot of food for the soul. We do not teach, but we help you to remember.


Imagine that about 50% of all employees go to work being unmotivated. We think it is time for a change, and is our contribution for things to get better.

How to reach things effortlessly

When doing and being is in perfect harmony things evolve naturally, as if they happen by themselves.

Lao Tsu wrote about this based on a society with a strong structure, hierarchy and power orientation. In that sense, structure and organisation is not in contradiction with this principle. Furthermore, this balance between doing and being implies doing too. So to act is not the problem.


However, the main principle we may want to consider, is purposelessness. The challenge is to know whether you are really acting without a purpose. That means without desire, attachment, reaction or willpower. That means we act purely, upon situations arising. It is to act without further intention. To distinguish the difference between action and reaction is crucial. Reactions will not be aware to us if we are functioning on autopilot, and are easy to get trapped in, if and when we fall back into old behaviour patterns due to stress. The natural cure for this is awareness.


Purposlessness is not about not acting at all, chilling or going with the flow passively.


All this together means, that we experience strain and fatigue when applying willpower to our deeds, but ease and effortlessness when acting without attachment and purpose.


As well as we acknowledge doing, we must embrace being for this to work. To find a balance between doing and being is like finding the natural rhythm of things.


It’s about being in sync and giving up resistance. That’s when the dance begins. Dancing with ease and joy, instead of marching with pain and effort. That is applied effortlessness as we see it.



Our upcoming book about motivation will deal with the deeper aspects of this.



Change must originate from within - in order to last

Veränderung - die dem Herzen entspringt...
Change - originating from the Heart...



The desire to change must live

in the hearts of those,

who will actually perform it.



Our work is about creating a space

where people can and want to take action and responsibility,

because they recognise that as being part of their path.


We can give our approach many definitions and labels,

like systemic, philosophic, heart-based, experience based,

pragmatic, synergetic or maybe even energetic.


Our work may be hard to grasp intellecually,

but once you experience the results,

you are likely to ask for more.



It's about dancing with ease,

rather than marching with pain.



Our geographical base is Germany - but our work is everywhere

Our work is to be found in many countries around the world. Presently we are preparing a translation of our first audiobook to Mandarin Chinese and further languages are likely to follow soon.