Minimalism for sustainable & clever management

Einfachkeit und Minimalismus
Simple and minimalistic

Who we are

Authentic Consulting is a Start-Up that goes live in  autumn 2018

Authentic Consulting was designed as an international platform for corporations and consultants with a wider view on life. Our geographic bases are London and Munich. 



Die Gründungsmitglieder
The founding members


Our work is live, dynamic and involves the heart. It moves us and our community from within, and likewise it will move corporations from within. 

The reason this happens, is that we all long for this, and time is ripe for it to take place. We want to be moved. We want to experience the difference between fun and joy, and to find fulfilment and meaning in our daily work.

People often chose us because it feels right, it moves them, and they know it will move others too. It lets them flourish and thrive.

What we are doing

We redefine some of the lost arts in business like motivation, emotional maturity and teamwork

Your employees should opt for change wholeheartedly, based on an experience that convinced and moved them.


These are our primary fields of work:

  1. Motivational excellence
  2. Dynamic Teamwork
  3. Emotional maturity 

The unique part of our work is to help corporations and organisations to achieve better results with ease and joy, to raise the general level of engagement and motivation.

In this process, there is no need for organisations to change their structure, because we just help them to add a third dimension to their work.


This minimalistic approach generates a gentle drive born from within.

What's new

May 2018: Bringing out "Emotional Maturity" as an audiobook

In order to re-define our workplace, we propose to start with ourselves.


Our new audiobook gives new perspectives on emotional developement. It is a dive into our self.


For how can we know others, if we do not know ourselves?


Should you be aiming for great change, then start with the one you can change - yourself. 



Here you find the audiobook.


Inspiring work, that we can not keep for ourselves.

Wir teile unsere Ideen mit der Welt
Sharing our ideas with the world


We practice transparency and openness. We share our understandings, for free, as far as possible. What we sell or charge is the implementation of these understandings.


Intercultural variations are the inspiration of this work. National borders fade and different nationalities give our work colour and credibility. Credibility, because this heart based work has the potential to overcome all these limiting factors. Our work is truly international and intercultural, for many large corporations to be inspired.


Our services for sustainable change management

We talk a lot about change and change management, but it is actually about re-defining teamwork and motivation as we know themFor many, these two subjects are dead. There does not seem to be much more to gain. We came to a totally different conclusion. About 50% of all employees go to work being unmotivated. That's what we call potential. We can see that this renewed motivation and teamwork automatically leads to sound change.

Rewarding work - right next to the daily action

Judging by the names of our services, you can see that we work very close to daily practical business:


On the following pages you will find more about our innovative strategies for natural and sustainable change management.

Change as by-product

Change isn't our primary objective, but the by-product of our work. Change that comes from within.

Veränderung - die dem Herzen entspringt...
Change - originating from the Heart...

The difference to traditional change management


Tailor made solutions are mostly based on premeditated information modules. These must not have much to do with your actual problems. Even the so called co-creation-processes are often misused for this purpose. Co-creation should be to work out the issue with the client. We take this task to the factory floor, and yet, this is only the beginning for us, and at the same time where traditional consulting ends.


Traditional change management promises to tailor the product specifically for you, and include the people, (that is the latest trend). But you probably know by experience, that after a kick-off, your middle management team is confronted with the difficult task to implement the changes into their departments. And this is where most change efforts go down the drain, since they often do not know how.




The desire to change must live

in the hearts of those,

who will actually perform it.




These traditional solutions are rather expensive and do not necessarily survive very long, since they do not live in the hearts of those who must actually do the job. It never even touched people on the field or factory floor.

By the way, willpower plays a clear role in this process. The more of it is there, the more resistance will also be there. This resistance may seem insignificant, since it is so familiar to us, but mostly there is enough to disturb any change effort.


So kontrolliert man ein Kraftwerk - aber was ist mit Menschen?
This is how to control a power plant - but what about people?


Many of us have accepted unmotivated employees as the standard,

and believe we must control and urge them in order to perform.

We claim there is another way to realize success and efficiency.



Should this sound familiar to you, a meeting could be well worth the time for you. Our concept is designed to keep the risks and the relative costs low. Your final decision should be based on actual experiences with us. This means we will demonstrate to you in limited scale, what our minimalistic and subtle approach is like.

Our humanistic management approach

To create a space where people can unfold, is what humanistic means to us.

A space where we can and want to take action and responsibility, because we recognise that as being part of our path.


Our humanistic management approach does not have very much to do with regulations or ethics, unless we speak about inner ethics.


We can give our approach many definitions and labels, like systemic, philosophic, heart-based, experience based, pragmatic, synergetic or maybe even energetic.


Our work is hard to grasp intellecually, but easy to see in action. Once you experience the

results, you are likely to ask for more, and to try it for yourself.


There is not much to lose, because we will work within the structure you have.


It's about oiling the machinery, not to replace it. It's about dancing with ease, rather than marching with pain.

The minimalistic approach

Everything we do is designed to be minimalistic. That saves you time and resources.

We may leave traces in the hearts of employees. More is mostly not necessary. The change is most consistent when your folks have the impression they've done it all by themselves. And they will.
This may initially sound somewhat esoteric or idealistic, but don't worry. There may be more common sense in this, than in some of the rather dry management approaches.
When talking about giving space to unfold, you may wonder since you might be so used to control. But, think about it. When did you last achieve a personal top performance due to more control from others?


Veränderung die sich wie Ringe auf dem Wasser verbreitet
Minimalistic Change spreading like rings on the water

The bottom-up-approach for sustainable change

It is this approach that differentiates us from the absolute majority.

Of course we need to work on all levels with corporation. However, our experience has shown, that if we are not willing to work on the grassroots level, our work is in vane. To us Bottom-Up means a steady change that is generated from the floor level. 

The desire for change has to live right where the actual change will take place - in the hearts of your employees. That is where the true power of a corporation sits, while the wisdom should reside on the management level.

The Bottom-Up-Approach is a gentle evolutionary change,  that spreads like rings on the water.



In summary, our work is not revolutionary, but it is a gentle evolution. And yet, it will eventually penetrate the entire system.


This is change management

at its best.

Our geographical base is the region of Munich

Our work reaches out far beyond the German Borders.