The initiators of the Minimalistic Change Approach

Two clear minds with plenty of life experience join in order to re-define corporate consulting as well as change management.

Andreas Gruber & Bruce Dale Stonehouse

Early on it was clear to us that we would unite for a business venture. It was also clear that this would not be too conventional. Clearly, it had to be humanistic and ethical, but not in an idealistic or therapeutic way. It would certainly be based on our life experience, studies and trainings, as well as the extensive inner work we both have done.


The services we offer are based on all the above, and consquently are strongly practical. In a way it required a sharp mind, to actually let go of all those beautiful theories. And, here we are, finally working with what actually is, in the present moment. Sounds really simple, doesn't it?


The Minimalistic Change-Approach is one of the offspring of this joint venture.



We invite you to experience the difference yourself.

Bruce about Andreas

Andreas fascinates because he is a man of contrast: the union of two European tribes, he speaks four languages and what he says is always of interest.

On meeting him I was immediately aware of his wide ranging knowledge and experience. Andreas is doing something rare and special; his life journey and international studies have resulted in him being successful and at ease in business and commercial environments whilst at the same time being able to relate that immediately to the fundamental truths that run beneath the surface of all individuals, organisations and groupings. He brings a depth, or third dimension, to what are often viewed as two dimensional issues. This ability offers choice and perspective where little was previously seen.


Galileo Galilei is quoted as saying: "All truths are easy to understand once they are uncovered. The point is to reveal them."

This is what working with Andreas offers and this is what I enjoy. 

Andreas about Bruce

In 2013 I got to know Bruce within the context of a non-profit project. After finishing our work, we always met for extensive discussions. These were some of the most stimulating and inspiring discussions I have experienced, since his thinking is very bright. Beside his beautiful English, he actually speaks German quite well.


Bruce studied economics and politics among other things, and then spent many years in trading and investment. Since the Millenium he has his own business as a Management Consultant in the UK.

He has widened his perspectives considerably through many trainings as well as extensive inner work. Thoughts and ideas that I try to express intuitively, he grasps and formulates with breath-taking ease.


To me it is a true pleasure having gained him for this project, since we tend to express very complementary forms of intelligence, and generally make a wonderful match.

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