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Our audiobook on Soundcloud - availiable as a free download
Our audiobook on Soundcloud - availiable as a free download

This is the audiobook in a slower contemplative version

1) Releasing suppressed emotions

2) Rediscovering your emotions

3) Dealing with intenser emotions

4) Integrating your emotions

5) Balancing your emotions

6) How to Reach Emotional Maturity

7) Advancing to Emotional Mastership

8) Liberating yourself

9) The 12 keys to emotional maturity

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This is a contemplative audiobook providing new perspectives on Emotional Developement.



Pure Emotions - Part 1



Pure Emotions - Part 2




Our aim is to help your people opt for change wholeheartedly,

based on what they have actually experienced, “

rather than on what they've been told or demanded of.