Wise partners wanted

Our company was designed as an international platform, to serve clients and consultants with a wider view on life.


Should you experience a burning desire to find more meaning in your daily work, or if you are seeking a balance between inspired work and private life, or if you are trying to find a match between a material and a spiritual life, this could be for you. 

You'll find a place with fair and straight conditions, where flexible time and employment models are the standard, and a place where you'll be able to work towards authenticity and integrity.


This is still an early bird, and yet we can judge by the response that this concept is likely to spread swiftly. Not only in Germany and the U.K. but in many other countries.


Authentic Consulting is a Start-Up that goes live in the autumn of 2018.

An idea for which time is due...
An idea for which time is due...


We believe that this project may be larger than the ideas of two people.

Maybe it's just that time is ripe for this.



The question is if you are ripe for this. Ripe to join us and go out there and change the world a little bit.

 If our concept resonates with you, please contact us to arrange a phone call or a meeting.