Services for clever management

Einfach und richtungsweisend wie ein Kompass
Pointing out the direction with simplicity

This is the way we apply the new paradigm for management


Our primary fields of work are:


- Motivation

- Teamwork

- Emotional maturity 


Change management, stress management, conflict resolution, etc
are abstractions from these.


 We keep our work very pragmatic. 

Integrative Grassroots Change

Due to its simplicity this process represents the most powerful of our interventions. 


This approach is particularly interesting if you experience undefinable disturbances in your production process. By design this work tends to...

Re-Integration of Nay-Sayers

Re-Integration of Nay-Sayers is the sincere search for the tender core - behind all smoke and mirrors.


Nay-Sayers are sometimes so highly motivated, that they overdo it. They tend to say things we do not want to hear, and...

Synergetic Teamwork

TEAM was a magical word for a long time. We tried everything with it. Some of it with success. The bottom line is that teams mostly do not make progress the way we expect.
At times we might have a fair share in this, when putting...

Stress Management for Managers

Being in a constant fight mode, is not unusual for managers. Mental depletion, bad mood, irritation, impatience... Where did our ease and joy go?
If you are a rock to hold on to for others, why not also for yourself...

Holistic Mission Statement

The Mission Statement gives the answer why your company exists and whom it serves in a greater context. Figuring this out is not only a matter of the mind, but also of the heart.


Our task is to guide your team in this delicate process, but also to touch them...


Dynamic Corporate Vision

A good corporate vision even goes beyond motivation. It is an inspiring view into the future that guides and moves us from within.
It happens when we create it with mind and heart in unison, and think far ahead, although being firmly rooted in the present.

This will interest leaders whom have understood the dynamic force coming out of....

Should you have interest, but you do not yet know precisely how our work will serve you, we offer in-house workshops to make our work palpable.

Integrative Meeting Culture

You do like your own meetings, but you don't like the effective output resulting from them.
You may have made it all clear, people committed to their tasks, but things do not move forward as one could expected. You feel like you have to check and remind people, in order to get things ready on time....


Executive Coaching, London

We usually ripen as human beings and our leadership style should be able to match our natural inner path.


At every milestone of our personal development we might want to review the skills and intentions we have...