Dynamic Corporate Vision

Ein inspirierender Blick in die Ferne...
An inspiring view into the future...


A Dynamic Corporate Vision is about
making use of the inspiring and guiding power of a vision.


Brief introduction

A corporate vision is often not much more than a piece of paper hanging on the wall. It is rarely noticed and almost never followed because it does not inspire. This work is for leaders and managers, whom are aware of the dynamic coming out of a powerful and living corporate vision, and wish to utilize it.
This work will interest you,
if a corporate vision is more to you, than an unnoticed document on the wall.


Who needs this?

  • If you wish to create a touching and inspiring corporate vision.
  • If your present corporate vision seems pale and uninspiring.
  • If you need sensitive, yet stringent moderation for this subtle work.

  • If you believe that it is possible and necessary to touch your employees. 

Dynamic is, when this work has multiple influences and contains blood, sweat and tears.

What is it?

A fine vision goes beyond motivation. It is an inspiring view into future that guides and drives us.
This means we will not only guide, but also touch people in this work.


That which moves us,
lives in the heart. 



It is an internal workshop with a dynamic approach. A broad base that includes the "grassroots" of your corporation is of importance. As mentioned, our bottom-up-approach is what distinguishes us.

A productive Corporate Vision is bases on mind and heart, looking a lot further ahead than usual.