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Einige der Ursachen für Stress...
Some obvious reasons for stress...

Stress - the tribute to a life in the fast lane

From a certain level a manager or leader may not have too many with whom he may exchange thoughts on par. Some claim that the air gets thinner as you advance upwards in the hierarchy. 


Throughout the years we met many leaders and managers, and two aspects often came to our attention:
  1. A clear mind.
  2. A distinct inner form of ethics.
These inner ethics, may not always find an expression. We regard these as very important issues to be nurtured, instead of criticising deficiencies.

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Progressive Executive Coaching for leaders

We usually ripen as human beings and our leadership style should be able to match our natural inner path. At every milestone of our personal development we might want to review the skills and intentions we have. It is not about converting you to something. It is about making the best of what you have in any given situation or station of your life.


These are the most typical stages we pass through as we evolve as leaders over the years:

The Military Level of Leadership

(clear goals & strategy, clear orders & consequences)

The Manager Level of Leadership

(life-balance, willpower & burn-out, motivating goals)

The Mentor Level of Leadership

(fundamental qualities, motivation, teams)

The Raw Model Level of Leadership

(integrity, higher motivation, inner strength)

The Wisdom Level of Leadership

(transitions, integrative approaches, subtle factors)

Refining and integrating the above aspects will help you to make the best of your leadership at each level. This is more than intellectually choosing one level, it is about passing through each one as we are ready for it. The end product is that we will be able to live and breathe them all naturally.



For executives in London, we offer attractive conditions. Get in touch for more details.


Executive Coaching for Managers (non-conceptual)

The following questions may not seem very non-conceptual.


Where are you now? 

Where are you going and why?

What really moves you?

As a matter of fact they are the starting point of a journey or discovery within. This approach is not for the faint hearted. Not because it takes you apart, but it's more likely to put things together for you. We dear to call it non conceptual because there is no particular methodology or agenda involved, other than pure attention and awareness.


These sessions usually take 90 minutes. They take place at a highly contemplative level.


For executives in London, we offer attractive conditions. Get in touch for more details.