Integrative Grassroots Change

Unterschiede im Team können integriert werden...
Differences within the team can be integrated...

The Integrative Grassroots Change is a bottom-up-approach for Teams.

Brief introduction

Due to its simplicity this process represents the most powerful of our interventions.
By means of a group dynamic process, that origins from the grassroots level, a dynamic and congruent change process is brought to life. Mostly the result is a kind of self-perpetuating motivation, based on a gentle empowerment of the people.




This approach is particularly interesting if you experience
undefinable disturbances in your production process.




Your people doing everything right, but the results are not quite right, and until now you could not figure out, what is actually the underlying problem. By design this work tends to uproot these hidden disturbances, frictions and problems.

This bottom-up-approach is about motivation and teamwork. Both of them more or less presumed dead. But, this is what makes it so exciting, because we see a tremendous potential here.

Who needs this?

  • You are struggling with undefinable disturbances in your production.
  • You cannot put a finger on what is actually underlying problem in your production.
  • You presume that your employees have much more to give.
  • You wish for healthy and joyful employees.

Focusing on performance - produces stress. Focusing on the process and the people, mostly results in motivation and engagement.

What is it?

This is about generating the power at the base of an enterprise, right where the actual work is done.
However, we must not be naive, because there is also resistance at this level. Some employees are sceptical and they are not exactly waiting for us.

But where there is resistance, there is a lot of energy.
So it's also about utilizing this energy, since it would otherwise not only disturb your company, it would also make people sick.

A work place must be a place of inspiration.  Even Nay-Sayers feel the same - although they may not know it yet.