Integrative Meeting Culture

Warum 16 Sessel, wenn nur Einer redet?
Why 16 chairs, if only one person does the talking?


Integrative Meeting Culture is,
when we are able to put our hidden agenda in parking position,
and really make use of the present knowledge.


Brief introduction

You do like your own meetings, but you don't like the effective output resulting from them.
You may have made it all clear, people committed to their tasks, but things do not move forward as one would expect. You feel like you have to check and remind people, in order to get things ready on time.

This might interest you if,
you realise that you are paying for many,
but actually making only partial us of them. 


Who needs this?

  • If you would like to involve others more, but this tends to blow your time frame.
  • If you would like to change something, but you have considerations about the efficiency.
  • If your present meetings are only superficially effective and efficient.
  • If you would like to encourage more initiative and responsibility from your employees.
  • If you are fed up with having to push for results all the time.

A meeting is integrative, when your people contribute their heart blood and you can accept that.

What is it?

For ages, our meetings have been ruled by dominance and we have only taken over this habit.


It might be the time to question this, in order to allow initiative and motivation to flourish in your company again.



Initiative and motivation
must be able to thrive -
even more so in meetings. 



This is about conveying a more productive meeting culture in theory and practice. 

Integrative Meeting Culture means to focus the work, without restricting the initiative and willpower of others.