Holistic Mission Statement

Der Grund warum ein Unternehmen existiert ist...
The reason why a company exists is...


Holistic Mission Statement is,

to utilize subtler dimensions of motivation, by touching people within.

Brief introduction

A Mission Statement gives the answer why your company exists, and whom it serves in a greater context. This represents an anchor point from where you may define and plan your future. Doubtlessly, this is a task for the top management and our understanding is that it is a prerequisite for your Corporate Vision.



This work is best done as a workshop with a holistic approach.

This work is of interest for you,
if you would like to unfold and utilize the power of a mission statement.


Who needs this?

  • If you would like to build a good basis for an inspiring corporate vision.
  • If you present corporate vision does not move anybody.
  • If you need a consequent moderation for this sensible work.

  • If you wish a touching Mission Statement.

Holistic is, when we see our connection to the whole, the bigger picture.

What is it?

Figuring this out takes place in heart and mind. This means we will guide your team, and above all touch them.


The fact that people just work for money,

is only half the truth in a modern society



Motivation and conviction should be the formost drivng factor for your people. Don't miss out on these, because money is only a part of the solution.

A Mission Statement is to know why a company exists in a bigger context.