Re-Integration of Nay-Sayers

Nein-Sager können mehr als Dampf ablassen...
Nay-Sayers have more potential than letting steam off...


Re-Integration of Nay-Sayers is

the sincere search for the tender core - behind all smoke and mirrors.

Brief introduction

Nay-Sayers are sometimes so highly motivated, that they overdo it. They tend to say things we do not want to hear, and they may do it in an unsuitable manner. We know they are capable, but we can not really make use of them fully.

This work is about winning them back as motivated and integrated colleagues. Less stress and efficiency for you, but also more motivation and joy for the employee.

This is highly interesting for you
if you are loosing your most skilled people to the Nay-Sayer-fraction.




Among other things, this work is based on many years of conflict resolution, as well as plenty of life experience.

Who needs this?

  • If you wish for peace, but actually need more performance.
  • If you have already tried everything with "difficult" employees.
  • If you actually cannot afford Nay-Sayers on your payroll anymore.

Re-integration is when we discover that we were never separated.

What is it?

This is about finding back to a mental and social equilibrium that got lost on the way. To call a spade a spade, is as important as expressing appreciation. It is our task to establish this critical act of directness.


Negative experiences with aggressions
mostly impedes a productive solution of a problem.



Although we can not perform magic, we mostly experience that Nay-Sayers turn out to be the most motivated people.

Deep down, a Nay-Sayer is actually highly motivated. But, right now, that may be hard to see...