Stress Management for Managers

Manchmal hilft es den Blick nach oben zu richten...
Sometimes we need to gaze upwards...


Stress Management for Managers is to be able to hold and rest within,

as we have discovered the value and meaning of it.

Brief introduction

To be in a constant fight mode, is not unusual for managers. Mental exhaustion, bad mood, irritation, impatience... Where did our joy and ease go? 
If you are a rock to hold on to for others, why not also for yourself?
Stress is born in our mind, therefore the answers cannot be found outside of ourselves. However, our environment may give us important hints to work with.
This approach may be highly interesting for you,
if you professionally are in a constant fight mode,
and privately only find little rest.




Among other things, this work is based on recent scientific studies in the field of psychology, as well as fair share of life experience.

Who needs this?

  • If you wish to find some peace within, but have to keep your performance up.

  • If you have made some acquaintance with a burn-out-syndrome.

  • If you cannot afford to give up everything you worked so hard for.

Stress management is, when we recognise what drives us from within.

What is it?

Some managers may need therapy, however, most are well off with insight and reflection. And, it helps to re-establish a mental equilibrium. If you are a rock to hold on to for others, why not also for yourself?



Our fight mode cannot be cured by resting.
At the latest, we know that 
two week after our vacation.



This is about a deeper understanding of what in your life (mind) is causing this down spiral.


We are happy to consult you personally.

Stress management is, not only to set priorities, but also to keep an eye on the meaning behind things.