Synergetic Teamwork

Eine Gruppe von Individuen - vor dem nächsten Sturm...
A group of individuals - before the next storm...


Synergetic Teamwork is when individuals

don't have to wait for the next storm before they may become a team.


Brief introduction

TEAM was a magical word for a long time. We tried everything with it. Some of it with success. The bottom line is that teams mostly do not make progress the way we expect.
At times we might have a fair share in this, when putting our best people in a room, delegate tasks to them, and maybe even call this teamwork. What sounds like a joke, is unfortunately reality for a lot of qualified employees. Some of our best people are, depending on their position either irritated, bored or stressed due to this. The problem is that beside motivation, the quality and efficiency suffers dramatically. But there are solutions for this phenomenon.

This approach is particularly interesting,

if you would like to have true dynamic and creativeness in your teams.



Relatively small adjustments in the way we hold meetings, mostly result in unexpected dynamic, efficiency and motivation. A short workshop followed by a simple test run with one of your teams are sufficient to initialize and demonstrate this. 

Who needs this?

  • Teams whom often get stuck in unproductive phases, instead of progressing with ease.
  • Teams whom are annoying each other, instead of embracing each other out of pure gratitude.
  • Teams whom are getting stuck in meaningless power plays, intead of doing what they know best.
  • Teams whom are wishing to re-discover joy and ease in their work.

Synergy is when a team is much more than just a group of people.

What is it?

This is about utilizing human and energetic differences in such a way, that they generate ease and joy.

Of all things I did in my life,
this work inspires me most.

Because it generates so much ease, joy and productivity in teams!

Andreas Gruber



We learn to see others with different eyes. That changes all, since we all of a sudden regocgnise their value. Our contribution is to demonstrate this very pragmatically to your team. 

Teams can be a source of inspiration - or a sickening factor. It's up to us to decide.